Monday, October 20, 2008

It's like...Burek S Mesom!

This is burek s mesom (burek with meat). We've become good friends since my first visit to Croatia. If eaten with yogurt (which they drink here in Eastern Europe) it sits better in your stomach.

My Croatian friends are well aware of my cravings so I try to use it to my advantage. Over the weekend burek s mesom became a useful tool in teaching guitar. “For example,” I told my student, “Think of the G chord as burek s mesom. You can think of Gsus2 as burek s mesom from Orahovica while the G7 is from Zagreb – it’s the same basic thing, but has a different taste.” She got it.

Just a day later while teaching English I encountered the problem of teaching contractions. “'I am’ can become ‘I’m’” I explained. “It’s kind of like how in Croatian you combine the ‘s’ and the ‘mesom’ of burek s mesom so when you say it it sounds like smesom.” They all nodded and smiled.

And so there you have it. Burek s mesom is more than just a tasty meal – though quite tasty it is.


Laci and Keri NĂ©meth said...

Amazing... you took my Burekological craziness to a new level...


Anonymous said...

I miss that HEAVENLY FOOD!!!!!!!
I heard Lufthansa will give a meal named Burek since Jeremy willbe in the plane more than 7 hours... Is this true? :))))

Unknown said...

Burek Rocks but I don't like effects on my waistline!

megi said...

I see you discovered burek! No wonder you re addicted it is delicious! But glad to know its just as useful as it is tasty lol