Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coffee Lovers Unite!

Have you ever gotten comments about your coffee drinking habits? Have those tired, nonstimulated killjoys ever given you one of these: “Coffee isn’t good for you – you’ll get addicted” condemnations? They usually launch into how coffee will raise your blood pressure, stain your teeth, make you go to the bathroom more (even though it’s supposedly dehydrating) and didn’t a study prove that it’ll give you cancer?

Well coffee lovers, it’s time to celebrate. It’s not true! None of it. The New York Times recently ran an article that combined various studies proving that there are absolutely no harmful effects of drinking coffee everyday and that it could in fact actually benefit your health.

The myth about dehydration? Wrong. Even a Starbucks grande will give you as much of your daily dose of hydration as 16 oz. of water. What about heart disease? Nope. Cardiologists at University of California at San Francisco found no proof. Cancer? Uh-uh. In ’81 it was found that coffee led to pancreatic cancer. Then they started studying the same patients and realized it was actually the cigarettes that did it.

And it turns out that coffee can decrease your risk of cancer. That’s right – decrease! One study showed that those who drink coffee had half the chance of developing liver cancer. The one thing that we all know is that it’ll help you wake up, give you more energy and enhance your mood and productivity.

So let’s celebrate with a tall coffee – or a grande…whatever. Go ahead and sip that caffeine injected drink you love and let it slowly stimulate your system. And whenever someone questions you, give them this reply: You can have your apple, but it’s my coffee each day that keeps the doctor away!


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I love my coffee as does my wife who has heart disease. Her website has a page about coffee: http://www.smart-heart-living.com/coffee.html