Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Dad

May and June are full of Bohall family milestones; Petra and I just had our fourth child, my parents are about to celebrate their 40th anniversary, and Petra's 30th birthday is in less than a week. As often happens during these times, I've found myself reflecting. Specifically, I've been thinking about what it means to be a husband and a father. Doing so has reminded me of my father.

Obviously, he's taught me a lot of things. But there are two that stand out - especially in light of who and where I am. Ever since I can remember, my father memorized Scripture. Constantly. And he taught me to memorize as well. Besides the church program I was part of, my dad encouraged our family to memorize passages of Scripture together - even prompting me to learn the whole first chapter of Ephesians when I was eight or nine years old.

He also emphasized seeking the Lord's will and allowing God to lead in whatever decisions I made. As I grew up, I witnessed him making difficult choices while constantly trusting the Lord. Constantly.

Dad, you've taught me that being a man isn't as much about being able to make my own decisions as it is about seeking God's wisdom. And in order to do that, you've taught me to go to Scripture first.

Thank you for passing on such invaluable life tools.

I love you, Dad.

Happy Father's Day!