Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mixed Signals

In the first of the series of signs posts, I mentioned that one of the advantages of having signs without words is that people from various countries can understand the intent of the sign. But when two of my American friends and I came across this one by the Drava river in Osijek yesterday, we were stumped.

Any ideas?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My First May First

It's become a family tradition to go to Slovenia for the May 1st holiday.

But seeing that I'm only 7 months old, it was my first time enjoying the scenery.

And mommy made sure I enjoyed it. 

Of course we did some of the standard things...saw some small pigs,

and some big ones.
We ate well.
And my brother continued his tradition of making music on the farm.

So what is it that I'll remember from my first trip to Slovenia outside the womb?


But let's just say prvi maj  2012 was all about tricks.

Enoh balanced on a rope.
Ian took the road less traveled. 
There were plenty of handstands to go around.

Mommy's stric showed how much fun farmers can have. 
But my brothers sharing was perhaps the biggest trick of all. 

Even though I didn't do a whole lot...

 I had a great time getting to know my cousins. 

It seems like every May 1st there are more, making it harder and harder to get a group picture. 

Thanks to the Slovenci, who as always, made our trip a lot of fun!