Monday, November 3, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Would Vote For Obama

From the latest New Yorker: "His vote doesn't count, but at least he gets a sense of being part of the process. "

That's me. I don't get to vote. So here's my attempt to have a voice in the elections. At the risk of oversimplifying;

Top 10 Reasons I Would Vote For Obama:

10. Hussein. We could finally have a president that not only has a different color skin, but has other ethnic influences – a good thing seeing that there are other people in the world besides Americans.

9. Oratory. This doesn't belong any higher than number 9. A good speaker does not necessarily make a good leader. However, a good leader should be able to speak clearly and articulately. Obama does that plus some.

8. Sarah Palin. Yes, she’s a soccer mom – that doesn't qualify one for vice-presidency.

7. John McCain. Yes, he’s an American hero – that doesn't qualify one for presidency.

6. Intellect. Call him an elitist (but he's not – see 5). Call him an intellectual. For my vote, I'd like a guy who knows who the other leaders are, where the countries are, and what the issues are.

5. Inner-city Chicago. "His work as a community organizer was really a defining moment in his life, not just his career."

4. Joe Biden. Where Obama does lack experience Biden makes up for it – especially in the foreign policy department.

3. Vote. Obama made a now popular choice back when it was unpopular.

2. Campaign. He’s run a levelheaded, disciplined, smart campaign. Makes you think he might bring those kind of characteristics to the White House

1. Redistribution. I like that word. I love the concept. No, Obama is not a socialist, but his economic strategy is more generous to the poor and middle class than McCain’s. His plan to put everyone on a more equal financial playing field may not be a popular idea, but I believe it’s the right idea.
Happy Election Day!


Laci and Keri NĂ©meth said...

you have closed the poll because Mccain was beatin Obama and your wife?
Not fair, I coult not even vote...


Or else:


Jeremy said...

Sorry! I tried to edit the closing time but it said: "Poll cannot be edited after someone voted".

Stay tuned for the next poll!