Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Mozes Se Udat'" "Now You're Ready to Marry"

It's a phrase often said after an unmarried Croatian woman cooks a tasty meal.

Now I'm not saying I live in a chauvinist country, but let's just say if there's a feminist looking for work they could find themselves quite busy in the Balkans.

My wife never had that phrase said to her before she married. She was neither a good cook, nor a cook at all. I'm fairly certain had she made a meal and someone said that to her she would've never cooked again in her life.

But the fact is, she's become an amazing cook. Since we married she started taking a genuine interest in cooking. That interest has grown into a skilled hobby for her. Part of it was that I didn't have much of a desire (or skill) to prepare meals. Part of it was that she no longer had the college cafeteria or her mom's cooking to go to everyday. Part of it was that she has friends who love to cook.

Regardless, when I went to the fridge today I had the choice between the tastiest taco meat I've ever had and some excellent homemade pizza - both of which she had prepared in the past couple days. I realized how much her cooking skills have developed without the assistance of a cheuvanistic kick in the pants.

So was Petra ready to marry? Not according to the saying. But here's one guy whose taste buds have been rewarded for his choice to see past the apron.


Tracy said...

Loved this post Jeremy!

Anonymous said...

is it your anniversary?

Chauvinistic balkanian

Jeremy said...

Nope, still a month to go. But if we're thinking along those lines be ready for some more about Petra: Mother's Day and her birthday - not to mention the anniversary are all in the next month or so.