Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everything I Need to Know About Potty-Training I Learned From Baseball

After two weeks of not seeing my son, I've got him all to myself while Petra works time–and-a-half at camp. Even while I was in the States I began to create a gameplan of moving Enoh from diapers to underwear before he turned one. (That was of course before my wife brought me down to earth and told me it was impossible.) Regardless, I figured this two-week period was the time to teach my son everything I know.

So perhaps you think I'm crazy for putting my 11 month old son on the potty. Maybe I am. But the guy's batting .800. That's right - 8 times in the last 10 days he's found a way to get it done. Yesterday it was more like a bunt. But give the little guy credit – he put the ball in play. We've had a few hit and runs (crawls) and the first day we tried, he hit it out of the park – and the potty. But that one's my fault – I had it turned the wrong way.

What's the secret? Good timing I guess. He usually steps up to the plate right after a nap. I also have a couple toys he can only play with when he's on the pot. It's never a sure bet, but last time I checked .800 was still a pretty good batting average.

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