Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I may have touched on this in an earlier post, but it is worth repeating.

If you are looking for a fine family restaraunt in the country of Croatia; if you want a place where you know the food is fresh, the kitchen is clean and the servers are sweet - then McDonalds is your place.

The first time I stepped into a McDonalds in Croatia I was shocked by the size of a "large" Coke. But after I slurped it down I noticed that families were sitting and eating together. I saw clean floors. I witnessed friendly cashiers. I saw expensive looking chairs. And apparently that wasn't good enough for them. That particular McDonalds has recently been refurbished with 2 flatscreen televisions and a brand new play area.

Why all of this?

A friend of ours, who was fired from McDonalds for using the wrong kind of cleaning sponge on the floor answered that question: "They told us this place has to be perfect in order to protect the American reputation. We have to be nicer than anyone else. We have to clean better than anyone. We even take toothbrushes to the space between the tiles!"

And what do the workers think about working there? Another acquaintance told us "It's the best working envirnonment I've been in. Everyone is so friendly, the pay is great and I feel like I have a purpose when I go to work."

If that's not culture shock for you I don't know what is.


Tracy said...

Well, well... there's that "never say never" quote biting me in the butt again. I worked at McDonald's for about four years right after high school... said I'd never do it again... BUT! Maybe in Croatia I would! It's too bad not all managers of McD's (and other businesses) felt that way about managing a store!

Robin said...

Hi, I am planning a vacation to Croatia in May. I've just been reading over some of your posts. I really enjoy your blog. It's fascinating to me reading interesting snippets of everyday life in Croatia.