Friday, December 4, 2009

Meeting Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Today was a first for daddy and me. My parents and I were invited to meet St. Nicholas (Sveti Nikola) in one of the schools where they teach English. Being from America, daddy thought Santa and St. Nick were one in the same. Though there is much debate on the issue, St. Nick didn't look anything like the red-suited bowl full of jelly bellied fella we saw in the American malls last year.

Nor did his entourage include reindeer. Instead there was a horse and carriage in front of the school as we arrived.We walked inside and saw St. Nicholas talking with the schoolchildren.

We also saw his rival Krampus who managed to scare me, mommy and the whole first grade class. According to tradition, if you're naughty you receive a stick from Krampus rather than a present on St. Nicholas day. I don't know how they knew, but I got a bag full of goodies which my parents promised to help me consume. Then I got to meet them face to face - much to my dismay.
All's well that ends in food. We had a good time. Thanks to the principal in Mikleuš for the invitation!

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Tracy said...

Krampus huh? Interesting name for a rival. Thank you for sharing that fun adventure!