Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Lesson in Simplicity

A new acquaintance recently volunteered his time and expertise to help our church complete our building project. In meeting and spending time with him he gave me a lesson in simplicity.  Here are a few ways in which he did so:

5.  He doesn't drink coffee - he hates the feeling he has when he needs it and can't get it. 

4. During his 3 week visit to Orahovica, he didn't drive despite the fact that his car was parked out front the whole time.

3. From what I could tell, he brought 2 outfits: 1 for work and 1 for the rest of the time including church services.

2. He gave up the opportunity to earn a paycheck for the last 3 weeks so he could help us complete our building project.

1.  He didn't bring a computer, didn't have access to a television and spent his evenings either chatting (in person) with friends or praying and reading the Word. "It's been one of the most refreshing times of my life" he told me last night.

Though we have a simpler life in Croatia than I believe we would in America, I've been coming to the conclusion that there are still many ways I can simplify.  I appreciate my friend's example in how to do so.

Another resource I've found to be helpful is Paul Borthwick's Simplify.  Before reading the book, he advises you to "ask yourself before you buy it lest a book on simplifying your life be added to the cluttered stack of to-be-read literature you already own".

Richard Bach said: "The simplest things are often the truest".  My experience has been that the simplest lives are often the truest.  Rather convicting for someone who desires to live Truthfully.

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