Friday, April 9, 2010

How is your Vision?

This was taken on Easter as I was trying out the timer setting on my new camera.  The camera has an auto focus, but it doesn't necessarily focus on what you want it to...automatically.

I've been digesting a "must read" for Christians who are concerned about ministry and church leadership called Let My People Grow.  In it, Michael Harper has this to say about clearer thinking:
The story of Peter walking on water is familiar to us. In Matthew 14:31 Jesus said to Peter 'Oh man of little faith, why did you doubt?'  The Greek word for doubt (distazo) is an interesting one. The commonly held view of this story is that Peter looked away from Jesus and saw the waves.  But the use of this verb suggests something different.  The word literally means 'standing and looking where two ways come together'.  The truth is that Peter looked first at Jesus, then at Jesus and the waves simultaneously.
Peter was looking at two opposite things at the same time.  Double vision instantly confused him, causing him to sink. 

When I take a picture, I have to decide on what I'm trying to capture.  Enoh has proven to be one of my favorite targets, but if I want a clear picture of him I can't focus on the background.  On the other hand if I want a shot of the Orahovica mountains, I have to change my focus.  If I try to split the difference, I'll have a completely blurry picture.

Peter's initial decision to get out of the boat just so he could be part of what Jesus was doing was incredibly focused.  But as soon as the waves came, he lost it. 

How is your vision?

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