Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The _____________ Twos

Turning two - and having a child that turns two - can be shocking.  Although I've done the former, I can do a better job of reporting on the latter.  Let me give you some adjectives to describe the culture shock that has accompanied Enoh's transition into the twos.

1. Terrible.  Don't stop here!  It's not that bad.  But sometimes you just have those instances, like the one below, where you wonder what got into your kid.  For those of you who received our Christmas card this year, this was the scene 10 minutes before the family picture was taken.   Yep, it can be terrible, but those moments only last for a...moment. 

2. Turbulent.  This is the one my wife prefers to terrible.  And I get it.  The life of a parent of a two-year-old is a plane ride over the Icelandic volcano - up, down and all around.  You just never know what response you'll get to a "no" or which parent, grandparent, or stranger they'll prefer over you next.  Oh, and restlessness?  Off the charts. 

3. Teachable.  It's amazing how Enoh has been learning.  We've had him thouroughly confused for close to two years now with this whole bilingual thing.  But he's starting to catch on.  It's rewarding and enjoyable to see a two year old learn - no matter what it is. 

4. Tender. Enoh was never a cuddler before he turned two.  But the combination of being the recipient of frequent hugs and the arrival of a younger brother have brought out some tender - albeit brief - moments.  Enoh is a wonderful big brother. 

5. Terrific. Genuine smiles are the best.  And when you get one from a two year old, you know it's real.  With all the terribleness and turbulence, comes a whole lot of terrific-ness.  We love you Enoh!

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We love you,too, Enoh!!!