Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Visit to the Heartland

Daddy always said there's a reason why the words "creation" and "Croation" are so similar.  Well there's another wordplay mommy likes to point out - sLOVEnia.  We had the chance to make the 5 hour drive to small village Slovenia this past weekend.  

Of course we got to spend time with our four cousins who live there.  We also saw some of their pigs.  My brother's not nearly as brave as I am so mommy had to hold his hand on the pig while daddy took the picture.  

 We also were able to participate in the annual Day of the Region.  They always bring out all the animals.  Again, my brother looked...
....while I was glad to touch.  
Even daddy didn't care to pet this guy. 
On May 1st they always decorate a really tall tree and put it up.  If you thought your Christmas tree was tall last Christmas, take a look at this one.  

Here's the final product:
We got thrown around a bit...
My brother got to rock out with his cousin...
And as always, we ate very, very well.  
Mommy's right; I sLOVEnia!  . 

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Anonymous said...

That was very nice!! Thank you!!
Great Grandpa & Grandma, Love you all!!!