Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Top 10 Reasons I like October Light's "Croatia" Video

Quality Croatian music videos as creative as this one (scroll down to see the video) are very rare.  Here are 10 reasons why this one is worth blogging about:

10. It promotes Croatia.  I'll be honest, it's hard to find 6 guys so fist-pumpingly excited to live in this country.

9. It does so without showing a glimpse of the coast.  Don't get me wrong, the Croatian coast is amazing, but sometimes people don't realize there's a lot more to this country than the Adriatic.

8.  It's a catchy song.

7. Trombone - a rare instrument in this country.

By the way, I was playing at a funeral one time (no, not that one) and after looking at my trombone one of the participants asked: "Jel' to srpski truba?" "Is that a Serbian trumpet?" (Apparently anything that's foreign must be from Serbia.)

6. It makes my boys dance.  And I mean dance.

5.  The blue truck.  Blue trucks are the stereotypical Roma vehicle in Croatia.  Maybe I'm reading into it, but I see a hint of trying to break that prejudice.

4.  Croatian+English.  The other night they featured a Croatian linguist on the news who was discussing how English words are slowly being incorporated in the Croatian language.  October Light illustrates this point at several points during the song.

3. Cornfields.  I grew up in Iowa.

2. No traffic.  I could play trombone on a truck too if there weren't so many obstacles on the road.  How the band managed to keep the roads clear is beyond me.

1. Because I can call it Croative.



Lafemmet said...

Odlichno Muzika! You're right. Great quality, and sound. Living part time in Serbia, I get what your are saying and having grown up in Rural PA, I love the cornfields as well. I wish I could post this, but as there is such a problem between the Serbs and the Croats still. I don't think my family there would appreciate that. :( Lord willing things will change.
God bless your work.
Tina Jovanovic

NK said...

GREAT song! And in typical Croatian fashion (in a small world kind of way), I was watching this and my fiance said, Hey I know that guy!

Milo Wilson said...

this is awesome! hrvatSKA meets SKA music. These guys are like a supertones remix. I love it

Anonymous said...

those guys are actually big in the german christian scene, also, they were touring with mojo