Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sign Language

These two signs just popped up in Orahovica.  What do they mean?  What's their relationship to each other?


Tracy said...

The top one appears to be letting people know there are places/streets that are ok to play on and the sign is to warn drivers there might be people playing in the street? The bottom one: warning people NOT to play in the busy street?

Milo Wilson said...

it is a modern day story of David and Goliath.

In the first sign, David is about to strike Goliath.

The house represents where king Saul sat up on the hill and watched the battle transpire

The car represents the eventual coming imminent doom of both the people of David, and the Philistine army.

The red line represents that the time has come. 2012 is the end of time.

or maybe it means what Tracy said...

Tracy said...

Ooooo, creative Milo! :)

Jeremy said...

Nicely done Milo! You'd be happy to know that the second sign is found right above a small brook where there are a bunch of tiny stones.

Tracy, you're almost right. The red line always means you're leaving the place that the original sign introduced. So, the first sign indicates an area where both children and cars will occupy the same space - hopefully peacefully - whereas the second indicates that you're leaving the dangerous area.

Daniel N. said...


It translates as "entering area where one should not drive faster than walking speed since children play is allowed everywhere (meaning, on the street as well)"

When it's crossed -- you're leaving the zone

Jeremy said...

Thanks for checking in Daniel. I always wondered if they had an official explanation for the signs.