It's been eight years since I was named TIME's person of the year and six years since I started this blog. In that time my life has slowly but surely become less about me. Our four kids remind me of it everyday. They provide an ever present reminder that I live for the benefit of others - whether I'm always appreciative of that fact or not. 

Plus, I've now lived in Croatia for seven years. That's longer than I've lived in any other one place. All our kids were born here and we've lived at the same address since our family expanded from two to three. In other words, I feel more at home as an American in Croatia than ever - and now even more so than I feel in America. Though I still experience culture shock, it's usually no longer worth the time spent on a blog post.

But I still feel the urge to write time to time. Usually it has to do with matters regarding family or faith. Those are both the most important and most challenging things in my life. They are also the posts I generally enjoy writing and others enjoy reading the most. It's been that way for awhile, but now I'm making it official. This blog is no longer going to be primarily about the adjustments I've had to make as an American in Croatia. 

Rather than changing sites though, or erasing the past content, or even changing the name, I'm going to keep it all. This blog is a reminder of how I've grown and I appreciate that aspect of it. In fact, I've found that my growth often happens at times of difficulty, struggle, even shock. I hope those things will still come out in my writing. The purpose of this blog going forward will be to provide a glimpse into our family life and communicate how I've learned and grown. 

I enjoy the creativity and diversity blogging allows me. In the past I've stayed away from a certain template for my writing and I plan to continue to do so. My hope is that the quality of my writing will continue to improve while the content remains creative and somewhat unpredictable. Some posts will simply be videos while others may read like essays.  

No more need for explanation. Go to "Home" and start reading. And please comment. Your input is always welcome.  

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