Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An Eye for Signs?

The main reason I started my series on signs is because I find it fascinating that Europeans depend on pictures to convey important messages while Americans simply spell it out. Of course, the simplicity of European signs sometimes make their meaning harder to decode.  Since I've lived here though, I feel like I've gotten used to the traffic signs, and have noticed visual patterns on the other signs that help me understand what the sign is saying even if it's a new one.

...Until I saw this sign in Osijek the other day.
I looked around for context and found this set of signs close by. Even though I can guess what the signs on the adjacent glass window are trying to convey, they don't help me understand the first one. Notice they all have the black border and similar illustration style. They must be related, but I can't figure out how.
What is sign number 1 is trying to convey? How is it related to the four signs in the second picture?


our adventure in Croatia said...

no spies allowed in this building?

Anonymous said...

oiWell,considering that other signs tell something to disabled people (perhaps that the building is question is disabled-friendly) maybe the sign tells something about blind people. Was the building well adjusted to blind people?

Aaron Kohl said...

If you're not willing to open your eyes all the way to the world around you, then just stay out.