Friday, May 30, 2014

The Lake Effect

What if our idea of ownership had less to do with money and more to do with enjoyment?

This morning I had the privilege of running around the Orahovica lake. From our house it's a slight incline all the way to the lake and a decline back. But the half mile run around the lake is flat, peaceful and, on days like today, a pure delight.

I was the only one there this morning - save for the frogs who lined the rocks at the deep section. As I approached they began jumping in the water as if I had arranged a synchronized diving competition for them. My ever moving shadow provided the signal for their staggered plunges.

The water had just been let into the lake so it was as fresh as could be. Prompted by the wind, it lapped over the man-made banks of the lake inviting me to refresh myself. The reflection of the sky was warped but it still pointed me to the beautiful patterns of clouds overhead. The various trees crowning the hills around me made the visual treat complete. The lake was mine to enjoy.

Orahovica Jezero Fall 2013
It was not mine in the sense that I had the opportunity to use it to my advantage. I had no right to manipulate its source of beauty and refreshment for my monetary gain. There are others with that right. But I would argue that that sense of ownership is only secondary and ultimately less fulfilling.

Instead I had full access to the peace it conveyed to me as I ran around it. Even more importantly, I possessed the lake's inherent quality of pointing me to something higher, deeper and more beautiful. It reminded me of its Creator - the One to whom all things ultimately belong. This reminder filled me with joy and prompted several more laps around the lake. Each lap was faster than the previous because of the energy I had gained.

Yes, the lake was all mine this morning. Thankfully, the enjoyment I experienced was something I didn't have to leave there.

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