Thursday, August 21, 2014

Signs in Budapest

A running theme throughout the "signs" series is that often signs don't make it easier to understand what's trying to be communicated despite the intention of their illustrators. Our recent trip to Budapest is a great example. 

A. This sign is a classic. It's found in airports and public spaces all over Europe. Yet the arrow pointing up while the stick figure runs down makes it confusing. 
B. The easiest of the bunch, the simplicity of this sign stands in stark contrast to the bright complexity of St. Stephen's Basilica. 

C. What I originally thought were quotation marks are actually graffiti. Yet the X on the yield sign is intentional. 

D. I don't think context helps here, but this sign is on the lower part of a wall facing the sidewalk. There are no electric, plumbing or other devices close to the sign at all.  

I think I have the first three figured out. Any guesses on the last one?


Anonymous said...

I would say the last one marks a street. The black arrows seem like direction of the street. I have no idea what the blue part means.

Daniel N. said...

This is a pipe junction with a valve (Google for "valve symbol"), probably gas.

It's intended for maintenance people and fire protection, I guess.