Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogging: I'm All Talk

I can remember the Good Friday service when I would hear how Peter denied Christ just a few hours after saying something like "no Jesus, I would never deny you!"

"How can someone do that?" I would think to myself "He must be dumb as a...well, rock".

I've got it now though.

Just this morning I posted the "Relief" post which you can look through if you scroll down a little. I posted it a few hours before our 3 hour drive to Zagreb to get our son's American Passport at the Embassy. We were in a rush so even though I had some thoughts of a bathroom break I held it until the nice American bathrooms at the Embassy (yes there are differences - more on that in another post)

We went out to coffee with a friend in Zagreb before leaving and I didn't have the urge until we rolled out of the tollbooth in Zagreb onto the main highway. Petra had to stop an hour later so I decided to...yes that's right...use the facilities. I had a cappuccino and two waters in my system so just as I entered the bathroom area, saw the lady and remembered that this was the exact same place I had the inspiration for todays post I realized I was all too happy to fish 2 kunas out of my pocket and rush into the men's bathroom.

And I was ashamed. What were those phrases I used? "hold it", "wear a diaper" etc. etc.

Just words.

And then my wife walked out of the bathroom at the same time I did:

"I'm a hypocrite" I said, ashamed.

"I could have told you that years ago" she quipped with a sly smile.

And so there you have it.

In addition to my hypocrisy, I also gave out false information. The price of admission is the same; whether number 1 or number 2.


Tracy said...

Many things we say come back to bite us... but when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Laci and Keri NĂ©meth said...

as long as your hypocrisy is about peeing, you should be Ok.