Friday, October 17, 2008

Gained in Translation

The guy knows English better than I do!

When you move to another country (as I have) and you lose the ability to communicate effectively (as I have) you appreciate good people who can translate for you and even help you learn the language. Hazim has been that x10 for me.

Hazim has become a good friend, is my translator when I give a message in church and has helped me learn Croatian. Although not Croatian himself, he grew up in former Yugoslavia, spent some time in the States and has studied theology. Among other things his background has given him a profound knowledge of both English and Croatian making him one of the best translators you can find. And believe me, good translators ARE hard to find.

Even more meaningful for me has been his friendship - another thing foreigners often have a hard time finding. We enjoy discussing, debating and developing ideas over coffee or a drive to Zagreb every once in a while. In fact, he is one of the reasons I've been able to make the transition from America to Croatia as fluidly as I have. Thank you Hazim for your friendship!

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