Monday, December 1, 2008

A Moral Question?

As I begin using my new Microsoft Office Word 2007 legally obtained edition I'm reminded of my surprise upon learning that Eastern Europeans often do it differently. CD’s, DVD’s, recently released movies, software, programs, MP3’s (and the list goes on) can be had free of charge for those who know how to beat the system.

Oops, did I let the cat out of the bag?

I wish to neither defend nor attack such behavior. So, just the facts (based on my observations):

1. CD’s, DVD’s and other entertainment related material are much harder to find and at least twice the price as the equivalent piece of merchandise in America.
2. There seem to be no measures set up in this part of the world to keep people from illegal downloads or copies.
3. The only Christian music distributor I’ve encountered who sells the real deal has a full-time day job. He hasn’t been successful in marketing his music despite his good intentions. And number 1 is still the rule here - $25-$30 for a Chris Tomlin CD.
4. It is very possible that the majority of government workers are using illegal versions of Microsoft Office or other programs to complete their tasks.
5. Virtually every high-school and college student knows how to illegally download their favorite CD. They would then make a copy for their friends who don’t.

What do you think?

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Laci and Keri Németh said...

1. ... and monthly paycheck is probably 3 times less then in America... so its 5 times more expensive for and eastern European to buy the same item (if not more).
2. In 2000 in CA, I have met an official Internet cop. He told me they can not "see" overseas... and probably will not be able for at least another 10-15 years...
3. add also the thoughts from nr.1.

My first legal Windows was Windows Vista. It came with the laptop. after like 3-4 months it shut down, and made me call an international service (in India) where they have given me a new code, that has allowed me to use it for few more months... (BRAND NEW, LEGAL VERSION I HAD)... Then I lost it...
Few months ago I have removed it. My friend (born again believer) has put on my computer an illegal Windows Xp, Servis pack III, with Vista skin... and it works... not like that junk VISTA.

So I am sorry, but as long as Microsoft does not take into consideration the facts that you have mentioned and also I have added... I am not going to pay for it...
They will not bankrupt over my XP. :)