Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Spoonful of Sugar

I had the pleasure last week of having my blood drawn. When I received a phone call from my doctor a couple days ago I wasn't at all surprised that I would need to take measures to reduce my level of triglycerides.

Now, any reader of my blog will know that I'm a coffee enthusiast. We all know that "America runs on Dunkin'" and in that way I'm a true American. But even when I abstain from my favorite coffee chain I can't resist the stimulation of bean caffeine. I love coffee and I tend to love it with a spoonful (at least) of sugar.

My blood results, however, have caused me to reconsider how I take my coffee. I can give up pastas, eliminate white breads, and eat fewer desserts, but can I do without sugar in my coffee?

I realize though, if I claim to be a coffee lover, I have to love coffee regardless of what's in it. I've always disliked those fair weather sports fans who root for a team once they're good then drop them once they lose the winning record. How can you be a fan of something that's dependent on something else to continue your interest? Being a Cubs and Bills fan have certainly contributed to this mindset.

And so, I'm resolved. I am still a coffee lover - and maybe even a more passionate coffee lover. But my coffee will no longer come with a spoonful of sugar.