Monday, January 26, 2009

Multiple Personality Disorder

Isn't it amazing that you can be at Target on Thursday morning looking for that last pair of jeans you need and then be ordering burek s mesom in Croatian the very next afternoon? It still blows my mind.

Maybe this time it was the fact that we were in the States for 3 months and had kind of settled into a normal life and then suddenly got out of the van from Zagreb and immediately began living our normal life here in Croatia. It's like I took off Jeremy number 2 at the Zagreb airport, slipped on Jeremy number 1 at customs in Boston and then did the reverse once I came back 3 months later. Here's a list of some of the things my two Jeremys did:

#1 watched a Boston Celtics game on Thursday night.
#2 watched Croatia beat Slovakia in the World Handball Championship on Sunday evening.

#1 read the New York Times on Thursday's flight to Zurich.
# 2 read the Jutarnji List on Friday's flight from Zurich.

# 1 ate at Panera Bread on Thursday afternoon.
# 2 ate fresh Croatian bread on Friday evening.

# 1 drove an automatic to the airport on Thursday night.
#2 drove a standard to Orahovica on Saturday morning.

#1 shoveled the driveway last Monday.
# 2 tracked mud into the house on Friday.

And it's not like we traveled to India or anything. The cultures aren't that different. It's just amazing how quickly the little things can change.

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Anonymous said...

bro' Omnipresence or cloning WOULD be the Solution...
I am just not sure how to support these views from the Bible... :)

It certainly would solve many of my problems too ;)