Sunday, March 22, 2009

Check...and Double Check

When I was a little guy I received Highlights for Kids every month. Each issue featured a section where you would have find the differences between two pictures.

We have the privilege of having a wonderful woman take care of our son Enoh when we're away. She hails from Bosnia and likes to be called "Baka Nina". Every time she arrives Enoh looks something like this:

When we return he looks like this:

The difference?

Petra tells me that in Bosnia they tuck a baby's pants into their socks to protect them from getting a cold. We're not complaining though -Baka Nina does an excellent job!

Oh, one other cultural difference: The going rate for babysitting is between $2 and $3 an hour here in Croatia.


Allen said...


This is hilarious! Croatians love to fight colds, huh? (Remembering stories from when we had dinner together). :-)

Enoh is looking strong, he's grown quite a bit!

Andrea said...

Hungarians tuck pants too. We also like to fight colds.:)

Jeremy said...

You gotta fight...for your FIGHT COLDS!! Hey I'm all for it. Maybe all of Eastern Europe can unite on this one :)