Friday, March 6, 2009

Croatian Hospitality 101

Yesterday, my wife Petra made some fantastic carrot cake cupcakes. I had the pleasure of eating a few with some sweet cream-cheese goodness on top. They made me dance - Enoh can verify. I say this because I don't want anyone to misunderstand the point. Petra made some really good muffins - one of which is shown here. But because of the fact that she made a few too many she decided to bring some to our pastor and his wife (20 to be exact) before the weekly Thursday night church service.

During the service we prayed that God would be present in our worship. Sure enough, the God who produced infinitely more loaves and fishes than were originally offered was at work.

After the service four people told us they had some things for us. This is the collection of what they gave us without any asking or prompting. They just gave out of the goodness of their hearts (and homes).
- 4 different kinds of meat
- 2 jars of pickles
- ajvar
- tomato sauce
- jam
- lasagna
- half a pumpkin

And you wonder why I all of a sudden I had a "heart" for Croatia.


Tracy said...

Wow! I'm enjoying all the things you write about Croatia, and how it is different in many ways from here in the U.S. It's really made an impression on me! Keep it coming!

Laci and Keri NĂ©meth said...

There is a saying:
The way to the heart of man is going through the stomach.

In eastern Europe we take that literary.