Thursday, January 28, 2010

The New Guy

We have a visitor.

No one's told me how long he's staying, but he seems to be making himself pretty comfortable.

He sleeps.

He cries

He makes faces.

And after he eats he does leg exercises.

When he first got here I had a lot of energy. 

But when I calmed down we got to hang out together. 
His head is even softer than daddy's!

Mommy and Daddy keep on saying "isn't it great how gentle he is?  But how long will it last?"

I love him as a brother already.  Can he stay?

- Enoh, the proud brother.


Kristina said...

They are both so adorable!!! Enoh's facial expressions remind me of Luka and in a few of the photos Ian reminds me of Petra's baby pictures. I can't wait to spoil them! :)

Jeremy said...

Thanks Kristina. Yes, he does look a lot like Petra did!

We're just waiting for Luka and/or Matea to start blogging. Now that Luka can add it's time to start thinking about writing right?