Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet Our Son Ian Rahim

“I know we’ve talked about having more than two kids, but at this point the only way I’d be ready to have a third child is if someone offers to be a surrogate mother.”

Those were my wife’s words a few minutes after giving birth to Ian Rahim at 1:40 on Wednesday afternoon. No, Petra didn’t have 59 hours of regular contractions like she did with Enoh, but the last two hours of labor were definitely more difficult for her this time around. Perhaps the more than two pound difference between Ian and Enoh had something to do with it.

Ian means “God is gracious” and Rahim means “compassionate”. The nurse who recorded all the information after his birth confirmed the fact that they are both strange names and then asked “what’s your first son’s name?” Needless to say, she won’t be coming to us for advice as to what she should name her children. More on the name in a later post.

We are very blessed to have two healthy sons.  Enoh, was very hyper and seemed excited to meet his new brother.

Petra and Ian will spend one more night in the hospital. If everything looks good on Saturday afternoon, they will be released. We are grateful for everyone who included us in their thoughts and prayers.


Hutchie Bear said...

Sorry to hear such a bad labor...Glad you made it through!

Hutchie Bear said...

P.S. This is Kim on Jared's computer, the screen name is the name of his dead cat and our church softball team.