Friday, June 24, 2011

Signs in Slovenia

Any guesses what these three signs in Ljubljana Slovenia mean?




Tracy said...

#1 - No drinking from this fountain.
#2 - No sitting on the Lego wall :)
#3 - No clue.

Erin Wilson said...

1. Back injury may result unless you drink standing straight up

2. Don't end up like humpty dumpty

3. Diagonal strips are never a good fashion move, especially after memorial day!

Anonymous said...

I actually live near Ljubljana, not sure if I have see these, but..
1) Do not throuh up to this fountain.

2) Don´t sit on the towers (and fall).

3) This really means that the parking ban ends =)

Milo Wilson said...

I absolutely love the "sign" posts!

Jeremy said...

Love the guesses! Tracy got #1 right, Erin and Anon. got #2 right and I'll have to give the benefit of the doubt to Anonymous on number 3 because like Tracy, I have no idea.