Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I just realized another reason why Paul calls us Christ's beloved children in the same verse he calls us to imitate Christ.

Today I was working with Ian to clean up his magnet letters.  He was having some trouble concentrating on finishing the job...until I helped him.  Then, the faster I worked, the faster he worked.  Before I began, I was concerned that my help would cause him to just stand by and watch while I finished the job.  But, knowing that we wouldn't do anything else until the task was completed, he imitated my pattern and did the same.

There aren't many teachers that prompt us to do anything like children.  But Paul had seen the natural tendency children have to imitate and knew that there was no better relationship to call Christ's followers to than that of a child.

Isn't it amazing that in the act of imitating Christ we work together to further His kingdom?

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