Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bohall's Four Seasons

During the summer of 2008 I rediscovered Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Ironically, it was the Winter movement that especially caught my attention around the time Enoh was born in August. Ever since, I've associated it with his birth.

Vivaldi - Four seasons winter

Enoh is our summer baby.

Taken summer 2009 in Croatia

Ian became our winter baby in January of 2010 (pictured in front of Enoh here). 
Taken winter 2012 in Croatia

In September of 2011, Emily became our autumn baby. 
Taken Fall 2012 in Massachusetts

And arriving in Spring of 2013: Baby Bohall number 4!

Of course we didn't plan it this way. But given the four seasoned climate in Osijek where they have been/will be born, it's certainly appropriate. 

In addition to living as an American in Croatia, being a father of a "baby bunching" family can sometimes be a shocking experience. As I mentioned in the introduction to my blog when my wife was pregnant with our first - new life always brings significant change. For our family, each addition has brought incredible joy. 

We're looking forward to our fourth season, knowing he or she will be no exception.


Lea Coppage said...

LIIIIIIIIIIIKE! Congratulations!

Laci and Keri Németh said...




Miss you all TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laci and Keri Németh said...

bigger car...i meant.

Tracy said...

Congratulations Bohall family!