Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enough Politics Already!

I was making - and still plan to make - a conscious effort to leave politics on the back burner of the Culture Shock weblog. The topic sticks out like a sore thumb among the cultural and familial subjects that otherwise make up the majority of the content - especially to those of my readers who do not agree with my opinions. And although those readers are especially welcome to comment (publicly or privately), I do realize there are other topics they'd rather read about on this page. I plan to accommodate.

That being said, I feel I must include one more tidbit of information regarding our new President and his new Faith Based Office. Today he named 4 priorities for his new Presidential Advisory Council:

1. Global Poverty
2. The impact of economic recovery plans on low-income Americans
3. The faith based initiative
4. Abortion reduction


That's right. For all the bumbling mistakes Obama made in dealing with the topic during the campaign, he's planning on making it a priority during his presidency. Even the words "abortion reduction" show he has a realistic outlook. Abortion will not end in the next 4 years, or 8, or ever. His desire is to lower the number of babies killed - rather than merely throw legislation at it and make it illegal.

Will he succeed? Who knows? But I would encourage Christians who disagree with his approach to at least pray for our President in the same way they prayed for George W. Bush. As many have noted, Obama is not the Messiah - he needs our prayer.

Just a point of interest: A friend pointed me to this link that keeps track of how Obama is doing in fulfilling his promises. Is it biased? Find out for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

wow...he is a crazy man... I like this...