Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Faith-Based Office

I read this post the other day and wondered if I was being a little obnoxiously arrogant in thinking that my president will have a better faith-based office than yours did.  Turns out I probably was. 

On the other hand though, I've realized it's not Obama's faith that I admire - I'm not too terribly sure I know what he believes.   For all we know his faith is as shallow as Jeremiah Wright's theology.  President Obama could have read Jim Wallis' God's Politics and realized that he was one of the parts of the Left who didn't 'get it'.  Whether or not he has 'it', he has done his best to portray a strong faith in spite of his more liberal policies.

What impressed me was the fact that Obama took a very good idea from former-President Bush and is pushing to expand it.  'It never fulfilled its promise' Obama commented.

Now we'll have to see if President Obama can fulfill his.  

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