Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Green Bible Revisited

You may recall the reaction I had to the Green Bible last fall.

A similar - although funnier and more articulate - reaction was posted recently on the Faith and Theology weblog. If you are in need of a good laugh check out the post and the reactions. They're well worth your time. Included in the ideas for new Bibles are:

- The BBQ Edition for meat-lovers
- The iBible - which would insert my name into appropriate verses
- The World of Warcraft Bible - "highlighting those passages in which people kill each other with cool weapons"
- The Madlib Bible - "In the _________(noun), God _________(verb) the heavens..."
(quotes taken from comments section of the post)

All are just as appropriate as the Green Bible in my opinion.


Allen said...

The second link doesn't work! I want my World of Warcraft Bible!


Jeremy said...

Sorry Allen, Got it working now.

Allen said...

That's funny stuff.