Sunday, April 12, 2009


My son blogs. I blog. But my wife won't.

It's not for lack of effort on my part though:

"Petra, why won't you blog?"

"I don't have time"

"C'mon, more people would read yours than mine"

"Who would want to read my blog?"

"Well me, and (trying to be convincing)....well I think there are a lot of people who would read."

"Exactly!" She says noticing my unconvincing way of trying to be convincing.

And so it goes.

But I will share something she shared with me the other day that I thought was profound even though she just shrugged it off.

Petra: "So, what are you going to preach about on Sunday?"

Jeremy (with no idea): "I thought I'd preach on Easter" (which is true, they did ask me to preach on Easter)

P: (without me asking her): "You know what Easter means to me?

J: (no time to answer before she continues)

P: "It's a new beginning. It's the time where I go back to the cross and realize that I have a clean slate, the opportunity to start afresh, and a God in whom there's no condemnation. I can live in light of his forgiveness."

J: "Good stuff, so why don't you preach someday?"

P: "No one's ever asked me."

J: "I've asked you to blog."

P: "'I don't have time."

And so it is.

But what she said made me realize that this is a perfect time to make a resolution. What better day than the day in which we celebrate a restored relationship with God through Jesus Christ?

So my delay in making a New Years resolution was for good. And I am resolved. To do what?

That's for another post.


Anonymous said...

Christ is truly amazing, isn't He.
Great post.

Anonymous said...

Laci, Keri, Lea, Lotti, and the 3rd would also read Petra's blog. Keep the good fight brotha :)

Milo Wilson said...

I would read Petra's blog...

I would read Petra's blog on a train
I would read Petra's blog on my phone
I would read Petra's blog on the plane
I would read Petra's blog in my home
I would read Petra's blog on a hike
I would read Petra's blog at the zoo
I would read Petra's blog on a my bike
I would read Petra's blog wouldn't you?

I would read Petra's blog so much, that I wouldn't have time to read this blog!